A truly global phenomenon

My inbox is filled with questions from aphants all over the world.

From L.A. to Seoul, Venezuela to Madagascar, people are discovering their mind is free from images at an astounding rate.

Global data is preliminary, and I’m not a trained data scientist, but based on my analysis of over 600k VVIQ assessments taken at aphantasia.com, I do not see any notable distribution differences between the continents.

Even if this is proven wrong, one thing is undeniable: aphants live in every corner of the planet, speak in different languages and their cultures attribute different significance to the concept of visualization.

One year ago today, with the help of some dedicated members of our community, the city of Rowlett, Texas officially declared Feb 21 as “Aphantasia Awareness Day”. You can read more about that event here.

This year, we’re going global and announcing the official launch of Aphantasia Network Japan at aphantasia.com/ja

With the help of the passionate chapter leader Mayumi Odawara, all aphantasia resources and research are available in Japanese, and in turn, all content and research generated in Japan will be translated into English, bringing us one step closer to a global community.

Spanish is currently underway, and we will hopefully have many more languages by year’s end.

The reminder that aphantasia touches people from all corners of the globe is humbling. A reminder that while our language, culture and traditions may differ, something deeper inside us can be so remarkably similar.

Happy Aphantasia Awareness Day!