I’ve spoken to newspapers all around the world and been interviewed for many podcasts.

One of my favourite ways to share ideas about aphantasia is by thinking out loud – a strength of mine. Unlike visualizers who think in pictures, I conceptualize through words.


A Deep Dive into Aphantasia and Its Implications


The Forbes feature on the Aphantasia Network, highlighting my interview with Dr. Adam Zeman, explored how this fascinating condition influences various aspects of life and cognition.


E33: “Literally, can you picture it?” All about Aphantasia

The Christina Crowe Podcast

I had an enlightening conversation with Christina Crowe on her podcast, focusing on ‘making the invisible visible’ through the lens of aphantasia. We delved into what aphantasia truly is, its impact on processing life experiences, and the often overlooked aspects of aphantasia, grief and PTSD.



On the episode of the Braaains podcast, I had the privilege of discussing the fascinating world of aphantasia, often referred to as mind’s eye blindness. We explored how those with aphantasia are unable to visualize scenes, people, experiences, and even memories, and how this extends to other sensory experiences.

Think of a Horse

CBC Radio

My aphantasia story was featured on CBC Radio. This segment provided listeners with a vivid illustration of what it’s like to live with this unique condition, enhancing understanding and awareness of aphantasia and its effect on perception and cognition.


Extreme Imagination Conference 2021

Extreme Imagination Conference

At the Extreme Imagination Conference, I had the opportunity to speak about the latest developments at the Aphantasia Network, sharing insights into our growing understanding of this fascinating condition and the ways we’re connecting and supporting individuals with aphantasia worldwide.