Digital nomad, founder, and amateur philosopher.

I’m Tom, a Canadian entrepreneur based in Valletta 🇲🇹. I’m the founder of Imagination Spectrum, where we lead groundbreaking research in aphantasia and imagination, developing innovative tools to assess and elevate the complexities of the human mind.

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They said you’re not trying hard enough…

It’s been a few weeks since our last update on aphantasia and the mind’s eye. A few of you noticed and emailed me to check-in. I appreciate the support and ongoing curiosity! As the first publicized case of aphantasia in 2015, I’ve been thinking about aphantasia for almost 10 years. We receive hundreds of emails […]

A picture is worth a thousand words

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an adage that rings true across multiple languages. It conveys the idea that visual imagery has an incredible power to encode and convey vast amounts of information in a single snapshot, far more than what could be conveyed through a simple story or description. To put this […]

Unseen memories

Can you vividly recall the sights, sounds and smells of your 5th birthday party?  Take some time to “bring yourself there”…. What do you feel? How do you experience that memory?  Most visualizers describe a form of “mental time travel” where they experience multisensory “videos” of those childhood memories. For others, trying to re-experience old […]

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