Photo of Tom Ebeyer

I’m Tom Ebeyer. I live in Valletta, where I imagine without images.

My journey with aphantasia began long before there was even a name to describe it. My world shifted when I realized I didn’t visualize like everyone around me. This wasn’t just a personal epiphany; it sparked a mission to illuminate the unique condition.

In 2015, I became the first documented case of aphantasia in the New York Times, a landmark moment that coincided with the pioneering research paper “Lives without imagery – Congenital aphantasia.”

Today, I am recognized as a leading authority on the aphantasia experience. As the founder of the Aphantasia Network, I am dedicated to enlightening others through my insights and shining a spotlight on this overlooked aspect of human cognition.

I’ve since led the Aphantasia Network from a mere concept to a global community, featured in Forbes, Vice and the CBC. My expertise is showcased in the world’s largest aphantasia newsletter, offering a wealth of knowledge and perspectives.

If you’re about turning ideas into legacies or seeking a fresh perspective on aphantasia, let’s connect.