A New Year Without Visualization

As we welcome 2024, it’s the perfect time for setting goals and intentions. It’s the season of forward-looking and planning for what we want to achieve.

Here’s a twist for our community – how do we approach this season when traditional visualization techniques aren’t in our toolkit?

You’ve probably come across countless motivation strategies emphasizing visualization – “Picture your success,” or “Imagine yourself in five years,” they say.

For those of us with aphantasia, this advice falls flat. We can’t “picture” success in the traditional sense, yet we are far from being unmotivated or uninspired.

Instead, we use alternative strategies to conceptualize the future and stay motivated to reach our goals.

I’ve personally found power in reminding myself of my ‘why,’ embracing small, continuous improvements, and focusing on what’s within my control. I shared some of these non-visualization motivation techniques in an article, which you can visit here.

Visualization might be a common tool, but it’s certainly not the only path to motivation. This realization opens up a world of possibilities for us.

How do you, especially if you have aphantasia, stay motivated to achieve your goals? What non-visual techniques resonate with you and fuel your progress?